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Transfer Pricing

Our Transfer Pricing practice has utterly been developed beyond tax demand in certain jurisdictions, ensuring compliance to the laws, and becoming a very useful tool throughout the strategic planning process of your company.

Our service provides:

  • Transfer Pricing Studies with related parties, both nationally and abroad.
  • A diagnosis of risks and observations regarding the transactions agreed between related parties and their impact on the profit or loss of operation of the examined company, providing them solutions to avoid future contingencies with the Tax Authority, thus fully complying to the Arm’s Length principle.
  • Tax Audits defense and dispute resolution on the valuation method and analysis of transactions between related parties.
  • We analyze that your transactions between related parties are at market value, and if this is not the case, we provide you with the necessary adjustments and proposal to the authority for its correction.
  • We use criteria of the Arm’s Length principle, which provides the closest position to the operation of a free market in those cases in which goods and services are transferred between related parties.
  • Our team is trained for obtaining and selecting comparable companies to the activity of the company under study, or to the nature of the operation being analyzed through the databases Thomson Reuters Fundamentals and ktMINE which t are also used by the Tax Administration Service, SAT.
  • We fill out and send the annual declarations of transfer prices and whose delivery limit is December 31, 2017:
    • Related Information Statement of Related Parties
    • Country-by-country reporting of the multinational business group
    • Local reporting of related parties transactions

Being a solid accounting, tax and law firm, our transfer pricing specialists are able to support their studies with our colleagues in Financial Statement Audit and Taxes.

We will gladly assist you!

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